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Lawn Care DeKalb IL Main Early Fall Activities: Our Specialists’ Advice List for Beginners

Early fall is a glorious time to be alive and enjoy the new colors and scents taking over your property. Nevertheless, this season does not come only with surreal shades of yellow, gold, red, and green; it also requires plenty of attention on your part as you need to prep the lawn and landscape for the season to come. Veteran homeowners know they have to roll up their sleeves and start working. Beginners need a friendly and quick reminder of what they need to consider starting this month, as some things need their undivided attention. Let us see our lawn care DeKalb IL specialists’ guide on early fall preparations for beginners.

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Lawn Care Sycamore IL Pros on Making Compost

Nothing compares with a fresh layer of organic fertilizer to boost your lawn’s and garden’s health, strength and crops. A thin layer of nutritious compost spread on your lawn – not too thick as you don’t want to smother the grass blades – does wonders to it, especially in summer:

  • it will keep the soil nourished;
  • it will activate the beneficial bacterial activity in the soil, thus promoting the green, lush growth of your turf;
  • it promotes new growth of grass in those brown, dry, thin, unhealthy spots on your lawn.

Moreover, a fresh layer of compost boosts your vegetable crops and adds a plus of health to your landscape. For all these reasons, our lawn care Sycamore IL experts are here to tell you how to make compost on a small scale in your back yard.

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Marigolds Celebration: Lawn Care Genoa IL Specialists’ Tips on Planting and Care

In case you didn’t know, marigolds were very close to being named the official floral emblem of the United States. It didn’t happen, but one thing is for sure: the state of Illinois still celebrates marigolds every year with pride and passion. It is rather unlikely that you don’t have marigolds added to your lawn and landscape yet, but if you don’t, we have good news for you: our lawn care Genoa IL specialists decided today to offer you a quick guide on planting and caring for marigolds, as these amazing flowers are something to be happy about.

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Lawn Care Roscoe, IL Pros’ Tips on Mid-Fall Property Maintenance

Can one truly engage in lawn care and property maintenance activities in mid-fall? As temperatures cool down, is there really any lawn care and landscaping left to do? Our lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists say there is no better time than this to finish up some activities left from last month and some preparations to make for the cold season to come. So let’s see together today some such activities that are quite mandatory and which will ensure you a healthy lawn and landscape next spring.

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