Lawn Care Roscoe, IL Pros’ Tips on Mid-Fall Property Maintenance

November 7, 2016
Property Maintenance

Can one truly engage in lawn care and property maintenance activities in mid-fall? As temperatures cool down, is there really any lawn care and landscaping left to do? Our lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists say there is no better time than this to finish up some activities left from last month and some preparations to make for the cold season to come. So let’s see together today some such activities that are quite mandatory and which will ensure you a healthy lawn and landscape next spring.

Lawn Care

  • Keep watering the turf if there is little rain falling or if you experience windy weather.
  • Keep mowing the lawn and give it one last 2 ½ – 3 inches before winter. In case you don’t know if you need to raise your mower’s blades or keep the same height this time of year, ask your local lawn care Roscoe, IL team to perform the mowing for you.
  • If you want to sow grass seeds and apply sod, you can do it, but not later than the end of the month.
  • If you skipped this activity in September, you can perform it now, as you still have a bit of time. We are talking about aeration and overseeding. In case the temperatures drop significantly, you should wait until spring to resume these activities.
  • Rake the fallen leaves and the grass clippings and turn them into compost or mulch to further feed and protect the soil. Don’t add wet grass clippings to the compost heap though.
  • Don’t leave piles of dead leaves and grass clippings on the ground, they make the perfect environment for pests and diseases to evolve and spread.
  • Cover the turf, flower beds and vegetable garden with a ¼ inch layer of fresh compost.
  • If you also skipped this step last month, you should consider it making it now: slow release organic fertilization of the lawn. Ask your lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists to help you apply a 4-1-2 or 3-1-2 ratio of organic fertilizer.

Lawn Care in Roscoe, IL

Lawn Care in Roscoe, IL


  • You can still plant some flower bulbs for spring, but do it before the ground starts freezing.
  • It’s time to say good bye to summer annuals that faded. Do the environment a favor and add the faded annuals to your compost heap for a healthy dose of nutrients.
  • Take inside the house some exotic potted plants you may have or vulnerable potted perennials. They should be kept away from cold and frost. As a precaution, make sure you thoroughly check the pots for scale, whiteflies and other pets before you bring the plants inside the house.
  • Trim the trees and the shrubs that touch the house roof or sidings to avid damages cause by winds or snow.
  • Install ground covers and different types of dry mulches to keep the trees and flower beds protected from frost, pests and wildlife.

Ask your local lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists to give you a hand with pest control, gardening and tree care this fall to make sure your property will burst with color and life in the spring.

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