Is grub damage noticeable?

The most common sign of grub damage is dead or brown spots in your yard.

If you notice an active presence of birds, skunks and racoons digging up your lawn, this is an indication that you have a high grub population.  Grub presence, if severe enough, can often cause damaged turf allowing it to be rolled up like carpet due to root damage. Critter damage will tear up your yard and make lawn repairs very costly. In addition, once the lawn has been damaged by grubs a curative application may be needed. This is more expensive and less effective than preventative maintenance.

How do you treat grubs?

It is best to apply grub treatment in late spring/early summer when grubs are first hatching from eggs and still in larval stage before most damaging feeding will occur. We do this application in round 3 with the fertilizer and weed control treatment. The application will last several weeks to provide protection during the hatching time of the eggs. The goal is to eliminate 90-95% of grubs. It is recommended to do grub control preventative yearly.