Our landscape maintenance services offer our customers pleasing results with properly trimmed bushes and a de-weeded flowerbed. We only use the highest quality equipment and materials when performing your flowerbed maintenance services. Our landscape maintenance technicians are all trained in house so you can rest assured that you are getting the best bush trimming and flowerbed maintenance services that are held to our high company standards.

Our landscape maintenance services:

  • Bush Trimming
  • Shrub Planting
  • Ornamental Tree Pruning
  • Weed Removal
  • Landscape Fabric Installation
  • Mulch Installation
  • Rock Installation
  • Planting Seasonal Flowers
  • Landscape Edging
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

In addition to providing landscape maintenance services we also offer a variety of other services designed to keep your outdoor areas looking great and healthy including lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, pest control, and landscape installation services including patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and flowerbeds.

Flowerbed Maintenance

Many properties in the area have beautifully landscaped spaces which include lawns, trees, and shrubs as well as flower beds. Keeping all these spaces looking good and in good health all year is a huge chore. Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscaping Group has been providing commercial and residential property owners high quality, customized landscape maintenance solutions since 2005 and have a wealth of experience in the field. We have the expertise, skill and resources to provide excellent shrub and flower bed maintenance services based on your specific needs.

It is great to have landscaping that requires minimal maintenance. However, your investment and beautiful landscape can quickly disappear if not consistently maintained. Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscaping Group can help. Through proper weeding and mulching, you can extend the life of your plants, require less overall maintenance, and save money in the long run.

Seasonal Color / Flowers

Summer annuals can add a vibrant display to perennial borders and terrace containers. Using our horticultural expertise, we will work with you to select the perfect palette of container and border plantings that fit your personality and home style for every season. Many gardens are designed with seasonal plantings in mind. We strive to complement the existing landscape with fresh perennials and annuals that will flourish with little care and abundant seasonal enjoyment.

Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Mowing the yard is only half the challenge. Bushes that are not consistently maintained hurt the appearance of even the best-kept property. We will leave your bushes looking beautiful and designed just how you like. Professional pruning saves you money while increasing the value and curb appeal of your whole property. Regular pruning of your trees and shrubs not only keeps them healthier and better looking now, but protects them from a whole host of potential problems as they grow and continue to mature.


  • To improve a plant’s looks and help it keep the best shape and growth habit.
  • To prompt new growth, since plants respond to pruning by growing. Proper pruning also maximizes flowers and fruit.
  • To reduce foliage to what the roots can support on newly transplanted plants.
  • To improve a plant’s health by removing dead, diseased or insect-infested wood.
  • To allow more air and sunlight to reach inner branches, helping to prevent disease.
  • To remove weak or dead branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property.
  • To allow for better wind movement through the canopy, reducing the chances of damage in stormy weather.
  • Your landscape is a big investment. With maintenance-level pruning performed by professionals, you’ll be helping that investment to grow in beauty and value. Now is a great time to schedule a tree and shrub evaluation to determine what types of pruning are needed on your property. Give us a call today.