At the very least, leaves and other debris should be cleared from all lawn and bed areas. In addition to enhancing your landscape’s looks, this will prevent your lawn from becoming smothered by leaves. If leaves are left on your lawn or planting beds, air, water and nutrients will have a harder time reaching the root system, and sunlight will be blocked as well. Plus, a layer of leaves on your lawn or beds serves as the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of harmful fungi and insects.

Beyond leaf and debris removal, there are plenty of other ways to clean up for health and beauty. Every property can benefit from the following services as needed:

  • Maintenance-level pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Mulching of planting beds and around trees and shrubs
  • Weed control in bed areas
  • Line trimming of beds, fence lines and foundations
  • Edging along concrete and paver areas
  • Resetting of misplaced rocks or boulders
  • Cutting back/removal of perennials and annuals
  • Dead heading of spent flowers