Marigolds Celebration: Lawn Care Genoa IL Specialists’ Tips on Planting and Care

May 26, 2017
Planting and Care

In case you didn’t know, marigolds were very close to being named the official floral emblem of the United States. It didn’t happen, but one thing is for sure: the state of Illinois still celebrates marigolds every year with pride and passion. It is rather unlikely that you don’t have marigolds added to your lawn and landscape yet, but if you don’t, we have good news for you: our lawn care Genoa IL specialists decided today to offer you a quick guide on planting and caring for marigolds, as these amazing flowers are something to be happy about.

What Are Your Favorite Marigolds?

Not many people know, but there are over 50 marigold varieties available, all belonging to three major families:

  • American marigolds (or African): These are the tall, upright, and scented marigolds that you can see in a wide range of colors, from yellows to copper and brass. They love the sun and dry weather conditions, but mature slower, so they need to be planted in spring.
  • French marigolds: These are the bushier marigolds, growing wider than taller, in vibrant colors, delicate scents, and an elegant shape.
  • Signet marigolds: These are the marigolds you see in edging and in salads – their flowers are edible. They prefer dry, hot, rocky sites.

Both the French and the Signet marigolds can be planted all summer long.

Lawn and Landscape

Lawn and Landscape

Caring for Your Marigolds: Tips and Tricks

Our lawn care Genoa IL specialists recommend you to plant marigolds in moderately fertile soils which are well drained if you plant them this summer. Make sure the soil is free from rocks and loosen up to promote root development.

  • Marigolds don’t appreciate over-fertilization as it will stump the production of flowers and promote the growth of foliage; however, when you first plant them you can amend the soil with granular fertilizers to boost their development – especially for the American varieties.
  • Marigolds need space in between them so make sure there are planted at least 10-12 inches apart from one another.
  • Right after you planted them, water them thoroughly; remember to water marigolds in mid-day and in full summer heat, irrigating them at the base of the plant and not over their heads.
  • When it comes to watering, you need to be a little careful: water the marigold, let them dry a little, water them again, and let the soil dry again, and so on. Marigolds don’t fare well if they are drowned in water.
  • To keep your American marigolds bloom all summer long, clip them when the first round of blossoms got spent and enjoy a new round of more bountiful flowers.
  • To make sure your marigolds have the moisture, the shades, and the nutrients they need, keep them safe with a layer of organic mulch. They don’t do well with over-watering and over-fertilization, but mulch is something they love.

Marigolds are amazing companion plants for vegetables and can even repel pests. Ask your lawn care Genoa, IL specialists more details on the cultivation of marigolds and enjoy a summer full of color, scent, and beauty!

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