Lawn Care DeKalb IL Main Early Fall Activities: Our Specialists’ Advice List for Beginners

September 15, 2017
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Early fall is a glorious time to be alive and enjoy the new colors and scents taking over your property. Nevertheless, this season does not come only with surreal shades of yellow, gold, red, and green; it also requires plenty of attention on your part as you need to prep the lawn and landscape for the season to come. Veteran homeowners know they have to roll up their sleeves and start working. Beginners need a friendly and quick reminder of what they need to consider starting this month, as some things need their undivided attention. Let us see our lawn care DeKalb IL specialists’ guide on early fall preparations for beginners.

1. Soil Testing and Enhancing

As you probably know, you should perform a soil test once in spring and once in early fall. Now it is the perfect time to check out the soil’s pH levels, drainage problems, pest presence, fertilization needs, and so on. The moment you understand what your soil needs, you will be better equipped to treat it right and offer your entire landscape the healthiest foundation for it to thrive. Ask your lawn care DeKalb IL experts to give you a hand with soil amendments (for instance, lime corrects the soil’s acidity) and further give you a hand with soil preparations.

2. Soil Aeration and Overseeding

These two activities are mandatory in both spring and fall. After a long summer, your lawn may have suffered damages due to heat, foot traffic, pests, or other environmental factors. This is why early fall is the season to remove soil plugs to de-compact the soil and allow air, warmth, light, water, and nutrients reach the deeper layers. This ensures a healthy and strong growth of grasses and plants.

Your lawn may present now some dry/damaged patches you need to overseed. Reseeding the lawn allows you to enjoy a denser turf, which is more resilient to pests, weeds, weather phenomena, foot traffic, and so on.

Lawn Care Experts

Lawn Care Experts

3. Lawn Mowing

If you raise your lawn mower blades this season, you will allow the grasses to grow taller and healthier. Our lawn care DeKalb IL experts recommend you set a height of 1 inch. Taller grasses receive more oxygen, light, and warmth, thus allowing them to turn these elements into nutrients. If you cultivate a mix of Bermuda grass, zoysia, and St. Augustine grasses, they will fare better during the cold season.

4. Lawn and Landscape Smart Irrigation

First, you should perform sprinklers’ assessment and overall repair after a long summer of use. If you do not have a landscape irrigation system, talk to your local lawn care DeKalb IL team to help you implement a detailed watering schedule for your landscape, depending on the weather and the vegetation varieties you grow. This time of year, you should pay attention to your evergreens, as they need more water during the months of September and October.

5. Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control

Fertilization and weed control are mandatory this time of year. A pre-emergent weed treatment is the first step in ensuring the health of your lawn and landscape. Ask your lawn care DeKalb IL pros to help you with this task. Refreshing the organic mulch layers is another good idea, together with the installation of ground covers to protect the sensitive vegetation from pests, diseases, or damaging weather conditions.

Ask your local lawn care DeKalb IL team to give you a hand with early fall lawn and landscape preparations to meet the cold season fully prepared.

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