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Companion Plants for Pest Control: Lawn Care Roscoe IL Tips and Tricks

Caring for your lawn and landscape in summer is not the easiest feat. Besides watering, mowing, or weeding, you also have to keep an eye on pests. In the hot season insect activity is common and often it isn’t a reason for you to worry too much. However, we all know that some plant pests can damage your grasses, flowers, trees, and vegetables. To add insult to injury, many such pests infiltrate your home and can become a genuine danger. When it comes to organic lawn care and gardening, planting companion plants to deter pests is not a new idea. Some scented herbs and flowers manage to keep pests at bay – at least until you get to call some specialists to assess the situation. Today, our lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists have some tips and tricks on how to better manage pests with the help of herbs and flowers.

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