Companion Plants for Pest Control: Lawn Care Roscoe IL Tips and Tricks

July 20, 2017
Pest Control

Caring for your lawn and landscape in summer is not the easiest feat. Besides watering, mowing, or weeding, you also have to keep an eye on pests. In the hot season insect activity is common and often it isn’t a reason for you to worry too much. However, we all know that some plant pests can damage your grasses, flowers, trees, and vegetables. To add insult to injury, many such pests infiltrate your home and can become a genuine danger. When it comes to organic lawn care and gardening, planting companion plants to deter pests is not a new idea. Some scented herbs and flowers manage to keep pests at bay – at least until you get to call some specialists to assess the situation. Today, our lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists have some tips and tricks on how to better manage pests with the help of herbs and flowers.

Rosemary and mint

Amazing in the kitchen as spices, these two scented herbs repel aphids, ants, and mosquitoes; plant rosemary and mint as lawn edge or rows surrounding the house, patios, decks and other outdoor structures, or in between vegetables.

Mint and tansy

Plant them around the house or wooden outdoor structures to make sure ants stay away. Tansy also repels the Japanese beetle and mosquitoes, so plant it in the areas most vulnerable to these pests.

Lawn Care and Gardening

Lawn Care and Gardening


Another flavored addition to dishes, basil keeps away mosquitoes and flies, so put it around the house, pool, outdoor structures, in between vegetables.

Dill and cilantro

Keep your dishes fresh and flavored and your yard and garden free from spider mites and aphids.


This amazing plant is a time-tested moth repellent so keep it around your lawn and yard. Cut and dry it and put it in your drawers to keep moths away from your clothes.


We have talked about marigolds recently and said they should accompany lawn edges, vegetable gardens, flower beds, patios, porches, and decks as they are not only beautiful, but also good at deterring nematodes and Japanese beetles.


Spice up your front lawn and landscape with daisies and enjoy outdoor fun and healthy gardening without aphids.


Healthy, tasty, and amazing, garlic should be a regular guest of lawn edges, vegetable gardens, and flower beds as its scent keeps away aphids, loopers, snails, and Japanese beetles.

Onion and garlic

Plant them along your property fences, around outdoor structures and sheds/garage and house as they fend off mice and other rodents.

You don’t have to mistake a severe pest infestation of your lawn and property with insect activity. When it comes to grubs able to tear apart your entire lawn or aphids ready to take down your flowers and ornamentals, calling pest control specialists is the wise thing to do. However, for maintenance, health, beauty, and scent, have your local lawn care Roscoe IL experts come down your property and give you the necessary information on companion planting and crop mixing. Why shouldn’t you enjoy a fragrant property without any pests?

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