We made a mission out of offering the best guarantees in this business and this means that no matter what contract we close, if you are not happy with the results, we will return and fix all problems for free. If you are still not pleased, we will another team to take care of the problems. We believe returning customers are the ones who benefit from the best services and we aim to enlarge our pool of loyal clients on a daily basis.

We pay attention to every detail regarding a client, from the soil type you own, to the turf you planted, the flowers you wish to grow and the aeration needs of your lawn. Inside our company, we invest in people and tools, and you will never see one of our trained professionals wearing a messy uniform or doing the job with an old, rusty or dull piece of equipment. We spare no effort in providing the best lawn care and lawn maintenance integrated services and, as a company following fundamental honest principles, we take our commitment very seriously.

Professional lawn care. Loves Park, we are waiting for your call!

Our services are broad and include landscaping, lawn renovations/sod, irrigation, lawn mowing, Bush and hedge trimming, mulch installation and all sorts of repairs only certified professionals can guarantee to do with cost – efficiency and high proficiency. Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape is a serious lawn care provider and we plan to grow and expand for the long haul. Respect, trust and honesty motivate us and with each satisfied customer we register, we also gain a friend and a partner.

If you are tired of calling numbers without getting any answer, if you are bored with long administrative paths just to make a payment, if you want the best for your lawn and landscape, let us prove our dedication to you. We can prove everything we said and much more! All you need to do is give us a call and let our educated, English speaking, uniformed and trained staff assist you in your needs and plans to have the best looking and healthiest lawn in the neighborhood!