Caring for your flowers and tending to your garden and lawn doesn’t exclude the presence of a professional landscaping contractor to solve the messy and the less pleasant jobs. Not to mention that some lawn management and landscaping tasks need their own fair share of knowledge, experience and subtlety not everybody can show off with. In other words, while it is fun and pleasant to fertilize your roses, it’s less optimal to engage in a full aeration and overseeding project, or in a complete landscape makeover on your own.

Put Your Worries Away and Let Our Landscaping Belvidere IL Specialists Do the Hard Work in Your Stead!

With more than 10 years of experience on the market, our landscaping Belvidere IL company provides a complete range of lawn management and landscaping services you will fall in love with. These are the less pleasant parts of the job we can do for you:

  • Professional lawn mowing: we can assess the status of your lawn and treat it accordingly. We mow the turf depending on the types of grasses you grow and their recommended mowing height. We also mow the lawn depending on the distribution of shady or sunny areas. Our concern is that you have a perfectly healthy and thriving lawn all year long, so we will mow it differently during the hot season or the cold season.
  • Certified lawn management: our services include a year-long program consisting of grub control, fertilization, aeration and overseeding, flower planting and so on.
  • Specialized landscaping services: we can build you patios, install retaining walls, Christmas decor building, shrubs and trees trimming and servicing, and landscape lighting installations and repairs and so on.

All these services are meant to guarantee your lawn a healthy development no matter the season, the climacteric conditions or the presence of several threats (like weeds or pests). We work with a 23 Points Checklist of lawn management and landscaping which covers all possible details, as we want the best for your property in terms of health and beauty.

We work only with trained professionals in fields such as landscaping architecture and design, horticulture, technology and engineering. We have the utmost respect for the environment and your well-being, so we will never use substances to endanger either of them.