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How to help keep water out of your basement window?

How to help keep water out of your basement window?


Most often on older homes you do not have a drain tile in the window well leading to your sump pump drainage system. Also sometimes you do have this and it is plugged up so you still get water to fill up the window well and go into your basement through the window. While there is no guarantee there are still some things you can do to prevent this from happening.


If you do have drain tile leading to the sump system you can  clean out the drain tile.  Either way if you have one or you do not we recommend digging out the window well 4-5 feet down and filling it with washed stone. By doing this it is allowing room for more water so that it doesn’t fill up so fast as well as allows more surface area for the water to dissipate faster.


Also a proper window well cover will help keep the water from getting in the top of the window.

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