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How do you figure out how much mulch you need for your plant beds?

You will need to know your total square foot(length x width
= square foot) and the Desired Thickness in inches.


Chart 1. Thickness in Inches needed = *area of coverage

1 inch = 300 sq. ft.

2 inches = 150 sq. ft.

3 inches = 100 sq. ft.

Take your Total Square Foot divided by the square foot of
coverage in inches = total yards needs

Example= I have a total area that is 15 foot by 25 foot that
I would like at 3 inches thick.

15 times 20 = 375 total sq ft for this one bed.

I then look at the inches of coverage, I see I can get 100
sq. ft. for a depth of 3 inches thick.

So I take 375 divided by 100 = 3.75 yards of mulch.

*This is an approximation, but we have been using these for 15 years and are always spot on.

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