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How to Blow Out (winterize) Your Irrigation System!

What happens if you do not blow out your irrigation system. Well, to start with it will freeze?

As it freezes water expands and it will break things all over the place. Starting at the pipe coming out of your house, could be the RPZ which is generally a $500.00 part just by itself, to the heads and pipe in the ground. It could cost Thousands of $$$$.

This can all be avoided by simply blowing out your system. This works by blowing compressed air through all the water lines and sprinklers in the system. You want to run the air through every zone until you see a mist and all of the streaming water is out of the system.

Also make sure to pull the drain plug in the copper line if there is one as well as to open the valves back up once you are done. Be sure to leave the water off all winter long.

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