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2 Of Top 5 Flowering Shrubs To Plant

2 Of Top 5 Flowering Shrubs To Plant

This is technically an ornamental tree, but it stays smaller and is too good to pass up so I am putting it in my top 5 flowering shrubs. This is a Hydrangea Tree and gets to be about 6 – 9 foot tall. It is very easy to prune and gets these white flowers on them that last into the winter where they dry out and can have some nice winter effect. Just like with anything else we recommend fertilizing it a couple of time of year. We use a 8-8-8 with micro nutrients and apply it to the foilage and the roots 2-3 times per year. This does wonders for any plant and helps it bloom bigger, better and longer. You can also change the ph in the soil and get them to change color.



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