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How to get rid of Poison Ivy.

How to get rid of Poison Ivy.

First make sure you identify what you are looking at and going to be working with. Make sure you research and take all the necessary precautions to not get the oils on your skin. If you know you are allergic to it be extra careful or ask someone else to do it that isn’t affected by it. Now that you have done that you can start to remove it.

I didn’t say this in the video and should have, We spray everything with weed killer a week or two prior to removing so that it kills the plant.

A week or two after you have sprayed it and it is dead, you can cut it out and remove it. Make sure while you do this you are using all the right safety gear:  tyvec suits, gloves, goggles, masks ect. Also make sure once you are done you throw away all the gear and clean all your tools with dish soap and water to remove the oil from the tools as much as possible. Anything this stuff touches will transfer the oils and the oils can stay on things for months. So if you used a trailer you will have to clean out the trailer. If you used a tarp to transport the debris you probably just want to throw that away as well.

Hope this helps and please make sure to be safe about it, poison ivy rash can be horrible.

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