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How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Need help figuring out how much mulch you need?

Here is an example to help you figure it out.

1. You will need to figure out the total square feet of your beds that you are wanting to mulch.

2. You will need to know how thick you want to install your mulch. We recommend that you have a 3 inch layer of mulch to help keep the weeds down and keep the soil wet longer for your plants in between watering.

3. 1 yard will cover 324 square feet at 1 inch thick. If you decide you need 2 inches of added mulch you will take your square foot and multiply it by 2. If it is 3 inches then multiply by 3.

4. Example: if your square foot was 900 and you want to install 2 inches of new mulch you will take 900×2=1800, then 1800/324= 5.55. It is hard to get mulch spread at exactly the inch thickness you chose so I would round up to the nearest year. In this case you would need 6 yards of mulch.

5. Remember most mulch beds are not square so it is ok to take rough measurements. I would just always round up to the higher side.

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