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How to get rid of standing water!

How to get rid of standing water!

The best way is to change the grade if at all possible. Sometimes though it is not possible or it is more cost effective to install drain tile with some catch basins, redirecting down spout and sump pump water, installing a french drain or all of the above.

We have solved hundreds of water issues and there are many different ways you can do it. Like you see here in the video we installed 2 catch basins to catch water that runs though the back yard as well as catch any standing water. From there, for about 40 feet we installed a french drain which in this case is a larger trench with washed stone, perforated drain tile, fabric, topsoil and sod on top so that you can’t tell anything is there. In some cases you will want stone all the way to the surface, but only if you can have stone in that area without cause other issues.

What this does is it allows more water to flow through that area as well as more water to sit there in the ground instead of on top of it. It also helps it dissipate faster.


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