Winter is Coming: Lawn Care DeKalb, IL Experts on Snow’s Benefits

January 14, 2017
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

A snowy winter is children’s dream came true and their parents’ nightmare – especially if they have to walk or drive every day. Snow during the winter holidays can warm up everybody and transport them into a fantasy land, but once reality strikes, there is no going back. Winter means de-icing, shoveling, house maintenance, bills, extra safety measures, careless drivers and so on. Well, the best part of winter is that your lawn and garden have the time of their life during the cold season. Our lawn care DeKalb, IL specialists are here today to tell you that you should be happy that your turf gets an average of 10 inches of snow each year. Why? Let’s see the major benefits of snow for your garden!

1. Insulation and Protection

Many people mistakenly consider that snow keeps the soil and dormant roots cold and endangered. Our lawn care DeKalb, IL experts beg to differ. A layer of snow actually keeps the soil and roots warmer in comparison to the temperatures outside. According to recent statistics, snowfall is able to increase the soil’s temperature up to 2 degrees F for every inch that is layered on the ground. In other words, snow keeps the ground warm and well moisturized, preventing the heaving that is generated by frequent freezing and thawing. As an insulator, snow actually prevents the soil and dormant roots to be damaged by frost and dry winds. Without snow the soil can freeze deeper and deeper and the wind can dry out (through the transpiration effect) the grasses or plants.

Snow works best as an insulator for bulbs, dormant roots, perennials and ground covers. However, it is the perfect friend of your evergreens which now need moisture and insulation the most in comparison to shrubs or deciduous trees. This time of year is a good opportunity to talk to your local lawn care, DeKalb, IL experts about using dry mulch to further protect and nourish your flower beds. Depending on the snow layer’s thickness and the type of mulch you want to use, some mulches can be applied over the snow carpet for further protection.

2. Hydration and Fertilization

Snow naturally hydrates your soil, allowing your vegetation to pop back to life healthy and thriving. Of course, you will save a lot of money on watering. But the main advantage of snow this time of year is that it is a free and organic fertilizer you should enjoy. Our lawn care DeKalb, OH experts say that snowflakes capture nitrogen, traces of ammonia and other nutrients from the air and they deposit these nutrients on the ground, slowly fertilizing the roots. While the quantities are not significant, this is an added benefit of snow and we all know every bit of soil enhancement helps.

The best part is that your evergreens will benefit more from this type of airborne fertilization. Snowflakes packed with nitrogen and other nutrients layer up on the evergreens’ leaves, feeding them and covering them in a cozy blanket that further ensures their protection against frost or wind. Snow, being heavy, is also able to push down the existing nutrients into the soil, allowing a better and constant fertilization process all season long.

Ask your local lawn care DeKalb, IL experts about some drawbacks of snow on your property, as you also need to be aware of its negative impact. However, let it snow and find consolation in the fact that your garden will spring back to life next season healthier and stronger.

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