Useful Tricks on Lawn Care Cherry Valley, IL Home-Owners Should Know About

May 15, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

When having to undergo lawn maintenance, time can really represent a challenge. Often time-consuming, lawn care is one of those tasks that is best not rushed. In order to keep the greenery lush and healthy lawn care Cherry Valley, IL experts advise us to carefully plan ahead. Otherwise we can inflict more damage to the grass and surrounding plants and shrubs than we thought.

1. Making Task Lists

No matter how trivial it may sound this is one trick which helps us save time and effort. By carefully devising weekly, monthly and seasonal lists of tasks we know exactly what to do and when. For example many of us rush to mow the lawn in early spring. This course of action actually damages the grass that has not yet fully recovered from the cold season. So, postpone actions such as dethatching until it has become warm enough for grass to return to life.

2. Controlling Weeds

Sometimes we face the following scenario: bald spots are appearing in the lawn and weeds start to sprout. Weed control Belvidere, IL Green Acres Group specialists advise to postpone seeding until the end of summer if the lawn is not that barren. If the situation requires it, controlling the weeds can be done by over-seeding in spring. Just keep in mind to enlist the aid of trained professionals for they can pinpoint exactly what sort of seeds are needed for the lawn.

3. Watering When Needed

If the grass does not spring back immediately after stepping on it that is a sign that it needs water. It is also recommended by lawn maintenance Rockford, IL experts to turn on the irrigation system. But this course of action should be done especially during periods of drought.

4. Testing the Soil

Depending on how acidic or alkaline the soil we can understand what the grass needs to thrive. This also helps in keeping weeds at bay. The soil is also tested for excess or surplus micro and macro nutrients. Sometimes if we give too many nutrients to grass and flowers instead of helping them grow we damage them. Lawn fertilization Cherry Valley, IL trained experts can help you keep pH levels in soil between the range of 5 and 7 for optimum long-lasting lawn care.

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