Top Tips in Lawn Care – Loves Park, IL Experts Share with You

July 18, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Forget about significant investments of both time and money required for your lawn maintenance. With this top tips in lawn care Loves Park, IL pros share, you will be able to improve and maintain the curb appeal of your property and enjoy savings at the same time. Take a look at these easy to perform tasks that will make your yard and garden look fabulous all season long.

1. Select the Right Plants

When it comes to selecting the plants, grasses and flowers for your garden, to be choosy is always a good idea. We know how attractive all those little green things you see advertised online or in gardening stores are, but our seeding Rockford, IL pros recommend to do research prior to a shopping spree. Be sure to find out what kind of grass and plants are suitable for your lawn. Also, your lawn service providers can advise on what to select according to the potential of your property and specific climate conditions.

2. Mow As Often As Necessary

Mowing is not a daily lawn care task. So as long as you do it regularly, you will prevent your lawn from becoming vulnerable to all kinds of pests, weeds and diseases. Please note that the grass should be kept at a certain height, of at least 2”, to ensure the overall health and attractive appearance of your turf. Also, our lawn mowing Genoa, IL pros advise to make sure to clean and properly store your lawn mower, as damaged blades can greatly damage grass. Sides trimming, sweeping and pruning are also frequent tasks to add to your list. Apart from cutting down the costs for lawn maintenance, all these activities will keep you fit. What a deal that is, right?

3. Learn More about Efficient Watering

The key to a healthy lawn is hydration. Just as our body needs water to function, your grass will require deep watering from time to time. It is advisable to deep water your lawn early in the morning for best results. By doing so, the excess of water will evaporate and prevent the risk of the lawn contracting diseases. Timing is extremely important as your grass and plants may dry because of improper hydration, especially during the warm season.

These lawn care tips have been brought to you by Green Acres Group, your local lawn maintenance specialists. Give us a call or sign up online and our lawn care Loves Park, IL experts will find the best solutions for your lawn. Also, find us in Belvidere, Genoa, Cherry Valley, Poplar Grove, Rockford, Rockton, Roscoe, Sycamore, IL and surrounding areas.

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