Top Eight Mistakes in Lawn Care Loves Park, IL Property Owners Should Avoid

October 13, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

A luxuriant healthy lawn needs proper care and a lot of attention, Loves Park IL specialists say. This care however, implies a generous budget, time, hard work, knowledge, skills and passion. But making lawn care mistakes can ruin all your results and decrease your property’s curb appeal. Let’s see the most frequent top ten mistakes in lawn management the lawn care Loves Park, IL experts identified.

1. You Don’t Test the Soil

Soil needs annual pH evaluation, nourishment and pest control testing to shape up a proper lawn care plan. Not testing the soil leads to year-long problems.

2. You Don’t Do Mowing Right

Lawn care Loves Park, IL pros say that grass blades should be cut no more than a third of their total length. A common mistake is to cut them lower, thus harming the turf and allowing weeds and pests to rush over.

3. You Water Too Much

Many homeowners water their lawns daily, Loves Park, IL specialists observed. This is a mistake as overwatering doesn’t allow deep root growing and washes away fertilizers and herbicides. Go for deep watering instead of frequent watering.

4. You Don’t Use Chemicals Properly

The improper use of fertilizers and pesticides is a common error. The first should be spread evenly to avoid burning the plants, while the latter need expert use, as universal pesticides kill everything, even beneficial insects.

5. You Keep Monocultures

Crop rotation and culture mixing helps the soil to stay safe and healthy, while planting different types of plants, herbs and flowers keep pests away and encourage pollination.

6. You Don’t Keep a Calendar

It’s a best time for everything, starting with dethatching, over-seeding, weed and pest control, aeration and so on. You need to know which routine activities should be done daily, weekly, monthly or when seasons change.

7. You Don’t Plant Native Grasses or Flowers

While rooting for exotic species of plants or rare grasses is understandable, you also have to acknowledge that some plants don’t thrive in your region, no matter how much you wish they did. On the other hand, native grasses and plants are accustomed to the climate, resistant to weather changes and resilient to local pests and diseases.

8. You Don’t Use the Proper Tools

Lawn maintenance Loves Park, IL experts cannot emphasize enough on the importance of proper, clean, sharp and reliable tools to use when tending to the lawn. Dull mower blades do more harm than good, while rusty, old, improperly stored tools make every activity harder and useless.

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