Summer Lawn Care 101: Lawn Care DeKalb, IL Pros’ Guide

June 14, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Not so long ago, we told you to have patience and don’t begin spring lawn care activities just yet, but be prepared for them. Now it is time to get the gardening and landscaping tools out, as summer is a few days away and you need to get your property in shape to give it a proper welcome. Today, our lawn care DeKalb, IL specialists want to give you a heads up and a friendly reminder on the most important early summer lawn care activities you should consider.

1. Correct Mowing

We talked about many times about not cutting the grass under its recommended mowing height. If you don’t know what that is, talk to your local lawn care DeKalb, IL experts to give you a crash course on your local turf species and their proper mowing heights. Generally, is summer, you shouldn’t cut the grass lower than 3 inches. Our lawn care Belvidere, IL experts consider you should leave the grasses at 3 ½ inches high, just to make sure. All in all, you should remember to never cut more than 1/3 of the grasses when you mow. Always keep your mower blades perfectly sharpened!

2. Correct Watering

The watering rules in your area say that you should always water 1 inch per week. If you prefer deep watering, two times per week will ensure your turf grows green and healthy. If you have a landscape irrigation system installed, you should let it properly water your lawn every day, for about 15 to 20 minutes. Never water your lawn during the day, as the heat will make your efforts useless. Water early in the morning and make sure your vegetation gets enough moisture to be resilient to heat all summer long.

3. Fertilization

Midsummer fertilization isn’t recommended, as the substances interact with the heat and may lead to burnt soil or turf patches. You should apply organic fertilizers and make sure your compost is ready. However, if you want to use chemicals, make sure you talk to your local lawn care DeKalb IL experts to apply fertilizers in a proper manner. Slow release substances can be used during summer months, but they need to be picked and applied correctly.

4. Core Aeration

If you didn’t aerate the soil yet, it’s time to call your local DeKalb, IL company and properly aerate your soil. You need to remember that this is an essential process which allows the soil to drain, get enough air, light and water, help the nourishments reach the deep plants and grasses roots system. Aeration should be done with the proper tools and implemented by a professional company.

5. Inspection and Prevention

Always keep your eyes peeled looking for signs of pest activity or weed emergence. As we told you before, weeds tend to pop up their ugly heads right after you aerated and overseeded, but not all weed treatments are safe to be applied during this season. You can pull weeds as soon as you see them and you can have your local lawn care DeKalb, IL experts provide you with a proper and tailored weed treatment plan all summer long.

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