Spring Lawn Care Belvidere, IL: A Short Pro Guide on Patience

April 21, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

It’s the season to be jolly! Not because winter is coming, but because spring seems to be here! Property owners have been waiting for this moment for months in a row, impatient to go outside, enjoy some sun rays, breathe the warm air and start gardening. After all, what’s better than imagining your thriving lush lawn blooming in spring and offering its best during summer? Our lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists, however, warn you that you should have some patience and not burst out the door lawn mower buzzing and weed chemical treatments pouring. They advise you on being patient and cautious and not accidentally harm the soil and the vegetation. This is today’s lawn care Belvidere, IL pros’ guide on patience.

1. Evaluate Thoroughly

Call your lawn care Belvidere, IL team and start with an overall assessment: winter consequences, soil pH, dry/clay soil areas, the need for aeration and overseeding, the need of dethatching, the presence of snow mold and fungi, irrigation system failures, tree diagnosis and so on. Before doing anything, learn what already happened and what you need to do on short and long term.

2. Clean Properly

You lawn needs a gentle raking before anything else – use your leaves rake not the garden one! Remove leaves, twigs, and branches, all types of debris, dead tissue and so on. Manage snow mold and liberate the soil, allowing the turf to grow healthily and develop strong roots and blades. Clean up storage rooms, look for winter pests, and assess damages and so on.

3. Mind Your Equipment

It’s not the time to actually implement lawn care and gardening activities, but you need to get ready. Clean and sharpen gardening tools, fix your lawnmower blades, sharp the scissors, fix the irrigation system, buy new pieces of equipment and gardening utility garments and get ready.

4. Leave Weeds Be for Now

Many fear the moment when weeds start popping their ugly heads in spring and rush to apply pre-emergence weed treatments. Our lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists advise you to wait a bit longer. The soil and turf seedlings are vulnerable and chemical stress might harm them a lot. Ask your lawn care team to give you the green light when pre-emergence treatments are allowed.

5. Refrain from Fertilization

Fertilization is a stressing process for the soil and everything dormant inside. Seeds, seedlings and the shy roots in development will get damaged if you start fertilization right now. Have your lawn care team set up an activities calendar and take things one step at a time. If you decide on overseeding, for instance, fertilization is out of the question until the turf reached its recommended mowing height.

Landscaping Genoa, IL specialists also noticed that homeowners get right to planting new seeds, bulbs, and roots before going through the whole preparation process. Our lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists agree that before getting excited with all the new vegetation you will enjoy in summer, you need to set your spring lawn care activities straight and follow them correctly.

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