Spring Landscape Coloring: Lawn Care Poplar Grove, IL Specialists’ Guide

March 15, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Spring is the best season for landscape and lawn upgrading and revamping. If you feel the need to add some new colors, textures, contrasts and depths to your property, it’s time to call in your landscaping and lawn care Poplar Grove, IL specialists to recommend you the best and most efficient ways to spice up your property’s looks. A gorgeous lawn and front house space can be achieved easily by adding color – the landscaping element which makes the difference between a magazine cover-worthy property and a mundane one. Today, our lawn care and landscaping Poplar Grove, IL experts have gathered to tell you how you can bring more color to your lawn and gardens.

1. Flowers

Ask your local lawn care Poplar Grove, IL company to advise you on the best colored and scented flowers to add to your overall landscape. When time comes, they can add lush and jolly flower beds, walkway borders, flower rows, flower container gardens or even flowery shrubs, trees and hedges. After a proper soil testing and a seasonal full-spring lawn treatment, sit back and enjoy your garden blossom in a symphony of colors all summer long.

2. Gradient Turf

Since spring is a good time for some aeration and overseeding, as well as for a complete lawn make-over, ask your lawn care and landscaping Poplar Grove, IL experts to create green contrast by planting different shades of green turf and grasses. You can achieve a soccer-field effect by alternating light green stripes with dark green stripes of grass. You can design the turf in a chess board pattern or even in concentric circles, diagonals or polka-dots.

3. Masonry

You can have retaining walls, patios, garden pathways and driveways, decks and borders in many natural colors: dark cobblestone, ivory pebbles, red bricks, you name it! A new patio, a barbecue area or an outdoor paved living space do not only add functionality to your garden but also color and contrast. Retaining walls, wooden privacy separators, and marble floors or stepping stones go great with sparkling green turf and colored bushes, perennials, and flowery vines.

4. Lighting

Our landscaping Poplar Grove IL company is specialized in Christmas décor with the help of lighting, but you shouldn’t limit your perspective to winter holidays. Harden lamps, hi-tech led lighting, vintage-style cafes type of lighting, hanging illumination elements, they can all add a superb and enchanting atmosphere to your lawn and garden, brightening up your flower beds, walkways, patios and decks. They add contrast, soft light, glow and surreal illumination, no matter how large or small your property is.

5. Edibles

Our lawn care Cherry Valley, IL specialists insist on adding vegetables and scented herbs in your overall landscape for delicious fresh dishes, pest repellant purposes, and herbal medicine remedies. Lavender, basil, and thyme add color to your flower beds and rows and make great companions in the kitchen. Tomatoes, peppers, and peas are not only recommended, but they also add natural colors and contrasts to your lawn, also attracting pollinators. Edibles (including fruit trees) can be planted in beds and rows, but they can also make brilliant container gardens as well.

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