Simple Advice for Sustainable Landscaping Rockton, IL Redesign Projects

November 17, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

People building their own homes on their own properties have the chance to get exactly what they want and how they want it from the very beginning. The architect makes sure the house design fits the owner’s needs and wishes, while the outdoor designer ensures that everything follows a general theme and all elements blend in perfectly in the overall plan. No mistakes, no redesign projects.

However, those who just bought a new home might want to redecorate, refurbish and redesign everything, inside and out. While indoor design and decorations, together with repairs and upgrades have a set of general building guidelines to follow, when it comes to the outdoor landscape, imagination, creativity and wishful thinking take lead. To make things easier for all those wanting to remake their landscape designs, we talked to some landscaping Rockton, IL experts who agreed to share some of their advice.

1. Match the Landscape with the House

Once the house is refurbished and redecorated, you have to look at it as part of the outdoor landscape. This means you need to start building an outdoor garden, front yard and lawn starting with the house. Choose heights depending on the house, mind its color and the other built annexes (garage, storage room), so they can all blend in with the future flowers, trees and shrubs you want to plant. An expert landscaping Genoa, IL service provider can take a look at the house plans and building and come up with an outdoor architectural design which adds value to both the house and the lawn in front of it.

2. Project Your Space Wisely

Look at the outdoor property like it’s a 3D movie. A landscape design shouldn’t fit your immediate needs, but your future ones. Do you plan to have a play-zone for the future kids of the family? Do you dream about a summer open kitchen? Or a comfy outdoor living room for guests? Do you intend to grow some vegetables at some point? Once a landscape is built, it takes a lot of time and money to rebuild it, so make sure you leave empty spaces to be used at a later time for different purposes. Call in a landscaping Rockton, IL company to help you with design, planning, and building the outdoors of your dreams.

3. Spend Money on Investments, Not Whims

Once you get started with planting grass and turf, adding flower beds and building patios, things tend to snowball towards budgetary problems. Think about it: is it better to have a performing heating system in the house, or all the decorative pillows you can buy? Same goes with the lawn: first invest in things that will save you money and time on the long run: smart irrigation systems, professional lawn maintenance tools, storage solutions, racks, decks and so on. Infrastructure is essential even in landscaping, so let the exotic flower seeds for next year and invest in sustainability.

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