Revamp Your Landscape this fall with these 3 Tips from Our Lawn Care, Roscoe, IL Specialists

October 28, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

One might argue that fall is THE season to enjoy when it comes to lawn care and landscaping, as autumn is a painter and an architect. It covers your property in bright, outstanding and surreal colors, making everything look like picture-perfect magazine covers. But since we spoke about early fall lawn care preparations, we have to address the landscaping issue as well – there are a few simple, cheap and effortless activities you can implement to create a magic kingdom on your property and turn it into a veritable patch of Heaven. Today, our lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists joined hands with their landscaping Genoa, IL counterparts and offer you a quick list of things to be done to spice up your landscape this fall.

1. Install Groundcovers

Groundcovers play an aesthetic role and a functional one as well.

  • We have talked about mulch before, but this season consider adding layers of mulch made of fallen colored leaves and adding protective and good looking covers in bright orange, yellows, shades of red and rust, brown and green.
  • When it comes to natural groundcovers, adding a ground-hugging plant like the cranberry cotoneaster is one easy way to spice things up and offer the sight a gorgeous carpet of small red fruits, adding personality and value to your property.
  • Artificial groundcovers are perfect defense systems against weeds, pests and small wildlife, with the added benefit of turning your yard and garden into an amazing display and neatness. Use cobblestone, marbles, wood chips and so on to fend off weeds and achieve a refreshed landscape.

Your local lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists can offer you advice on how to pick the best groundcover for your garden, pathways, trees and flower beds.

2. Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Fall and the upcoming winter come with low temperature and chilly winds that will send you and keep you inside the house. But what if you could still spend quality time outside getting warm in a natural and amazing way? An outdoor fireplace is the best landscape addition you can think of:

  • It can pull the entire landscape design together, becoming a central element that adds structure, color, contrast and functionality.
  • It can be easily made of stone, marble, metal or wood.
  • It can be above ground, at the ground’s level or even underground.
  • It increases the property’s curb appeal.
  • The fireplace area becomes a separate outdoor space – like a living room – where you can gather around with friends and family and share unforgettable moments.

Your local landscaping Roscoe, IL team can offer you the best designs and advice for an outdoor fireplace and build you one to keep you happy for years to come.

3. Install Fall-Specific Decorative Elements

The smallest details make the difference, so if you want to have the most appealing property in the neighborhood, don’t invent only in looks, but in fragrance and atmosphere as well. You can install containers with seasonal plants, place baskets with seasonal fruits and veggies for looks, colors and scent, install garden lamps to create a magical atmosphere or add hanging lights over porches, patios and kiosks for intimacy, beauty and comfort.

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