Preventative Tree Maintenance in Early Fall: Pest Control Rockton IL Pros’ Recommendations

September 28, 2017
Preventative Tree Maintenance

Earlier, we have talked about lawn and landscape preparations for the months to come. As we said, pest control is a major task you need to keep in mind this time of year, as pests are quite active and destructive. However, we all know that one size does not fit all. The same pest control principles you apply to your lawn may not work at all for your vegetable garden for instance. Moreover, when it comes to landscaping, your trees and shrubs need special attention, and you should focus on them separately. Today, our pest control Rockton IL specialists are here to offer you some preventative and sustainable methods of pest control of trees this season.

Tree and Property Inspections

The problem with trees is that they show signs of severe pest attacks or disease only when it is too late. This is why early fall preparations should include a thorough professional inspection of your trees and shrubs, together with the areas in which they grow. Our pest control Rockton IL specialists can evaluate your property for insect activity on or around the trees to make sure they are safe. In case they notice pest threats, they will be able to make an informed decision on what types of pest control treatments they should apply.

Fertilization and Weed Care

Fertilization and Weed Care

Research your Enemies

Seasoned homeowners already know what pests are more prevalent on their properties, recognize them, and act accordingly. However, beginner homeowners can easily mistake friend from foe and neglect tree pest control. If you are new to tree maintenance, gardening, landscaping, and pest control, have a chat with our local pest control Rockton IL specialists. They will explain to you what to expect depending on what you cultivate on your property.

Prevent Before You Treat

Everybody expects some sort of pest activity on the properties, especially this time of year. However, before “normal insect activity” turns into “pest infestations,” you need to take some security measures. Our pest control Rockton IL experts recommend the following simple and organic solutions:

  • Keep the trees clean: this means you should properly remove the damaged/dry/diseased/dead leaves, twigs, and fruit from your trees in order to keep pests at bay.
  • Keep the surrounding areas clean: vegetal debris, rotting fallen leaves and fruit, dirt, wood leftovers, trash, and others are the major attraction of pests. Insects are just the tip of the iceberg, as messy and dirty properties become the holy grail of rodents as well – and you do not want them anywhere near your trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, vegetables, or house.
  • Mulch the trees correctly: this is the best time to turn the layer of mulch or apply a new one to keep the trees nourished, healthy, and safe from insects or rodents.
  • Since you have to prune, trim, and clean your trees, shrubs, and vines, call your landscaping Rockton IL experts to perform these tasks in order to avoid severe physical damages that make your trees/shrubs vulnerable to pests.

Systemic Tree Pest Management

This is a practice you should consider but only with the help of your local pest control Rockton IL specialists. While it is a common solution, it can affect the trees. Ask your team about it and learn its advantages and disadvantages.

Pest management and tree care go hand in hand. If you are not sure how to proceed, ask your local pest control Rockton IL pros to implement their full program and keep your landscape healthy and thriving.

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