Lawn Care Sycamore, IL Experts on Building Functional Landscapes

September 26, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Talking about sustainability, many lawn care Sycamore, IL experts, together with other landscape professionals in the area, consider that functional landscapes represent an emerging trend everybody should consider. If you are passionate about lawn care and gardening news and best practices, then you know that First Lady Michelle Obama promotes “kitchen gardens” as an easy mean to achieve a more sustainable living, as your outdoor landscape can also yield food, not only be a pretty face. In other words, why just have a lush, thriving lawn for aesthetic purposes only, when you can benefit from fresh vegetables, spices and herbs?

One main concern of homeowners is that turning the landscape into a functional space and adding vegetable and herbs crops will ruin the aspect of the garden, will cost a lot of money and will necessitate a lot of work. Lawn maintenance Sycamore, IL experts are here to ease your mind and offer you some practical solutions to consider, should you desire to implement such a project.

1. Vertical Gardens

You know about them, as they are increasingly popular. Vertical gardens can take the shape of tall racks to hold pots. In those pots you can grow fragrant herbs to use in the kitchen for cooking, making beverages and tonics and teas. From basil to parsley, and from thyme to lavender, choose the colors, the scents and the different shades of greed to build your own garden kitchen. Keep in mind that you can also beautify a rather empty wall or use efficiently an unused space.

2. Mixed Crops

Keep in mind that vegetables are superb sources of color and contrast, while herbs bloom with flowers in their season, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the looks of your lawn and garden if you mix the crops. Some herbs and flowers can also protect vegetables, as they repel pests and attract pollinators. Imagine beautiful rows of lavender, contrasting with red sparkling tomatoes and completed by luxurious colored flower beds. Plants, vegetables and spices create an ecosystem, helping each other thrive. All you have to do is go out and pick some parsley for your fresh salad, while carrying a nice flower bouquet to adorn the living room table.

3. Organic Gardening

You can have your functional landscape and your outdoor kitchen right under your window with little costs and efforts, if you consider organic gardening. This means using vegetable peels, food leftovers and plants to make compost and thus nourish your crops, turf and flowers with little to no costs, landscape Poplar Grove, IL specialists consider.

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