Lawn Care Roscoe, IL Specialists’ Tips on Early Fall Preparations

October 11, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

While the temperatures are still warm and nature dressed up in the most brilliant bright colors, this doesn’t mean you just have to sit back and relax all day long. Of course, this is the best time to enjoy all the fall colors, scents and hums with a cup of tea or an evening cocktail with friends – but if you want your lawn and landscape to thrive next spring even more gloriously, there are some important early fall tasks you shouldn’t avoid. Today, our lawn care Roscoe, IL experts are here to offer you a quick list of activities and some tips to consider to prepare your property for the cold season.

1. Test the Soil

Summer was long and harsh and your soil might lack some essential nutrients to resist winter. You need to perform a thorough check-up of your soil including pH levels, nutrient levels, presence of drainage problems and so on. Have your lawn care Roscoe, IL team help you with important task and recommend you the best fertilizers and soil amendments.

2. Aerate

Now it’s the best time to aerate the soil to allow sunshine, oxygen, water and fertilizers to reach deep in the soil and nurture the roots of grasses and plants. After you corrected the soil’s deficiencies, make sure you use proper aeration tools to prepare the soil for winter.

3. Reseed the Lawn

After a long summer you will notice that there are bare spots around the property with faded or altogether missing grass areas. Reseeding ensures that the new grasses will grow fast and strong and by next spring you will have a dense, lush and healthy lawn to enjoy for a full year. Don’t forget to water the newly seeded areas properly and keep people, children and pets off those areas until the grass blades are strong enough. Foot traffic is what causes bare spots usually, so avoiding it ensures thick turf to take roots.

4. Increase the Mowing Height

In early fall you should raise your lawn mower blades at least 1/2 inch up. This will make turf blades grow taller for a month or two more, allowing them to capture as much sunlight as they can and store nutrients for the winter. In late fall and autumn you shouldn’t let grass blades grow too tall – it encourages snow mold, but now, your grasses need a final push to build resilience against fall weeds and pests and the upcoming cold and freeze.

5. Irrigate

If you have a rainy fall on your hand, you are off the hook with irrigation. However, if rain is scarce, have your lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists implement a proper watering plan, especially for your evergreens – they need as much waters as you can offer in September and October.

6. Mind the Weeds

Early fall weeds can’t wait to take over the place – especially daffodils and henbit – so you need to be prepared for the worse. Experts advise you to employ organic measures in case you also cultivate vegetables, fruit or sensitive plants. A pre-emergence weed control program can be implemented by your lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists without any risks.

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