Lawn Care Rockton, IL Emerging Trends to Consider for Sustainable Lawns and Gardens

September 8, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

You’ve heard about sustainability for quite some time now, especially when it comes to taking protective measures for the environment, or finding alternative, renewable sources of energy. It shouldn’t be any different in lawn care Rockton, IL specialists consider, as tending to a lawn and garden has beneficial effects on the environment. Moreover, lawns and gardens represent miniature ecosystems in and out of themselves, this is why lawn care and lawn maintenance should follow a set of best practices and rules to increase sustainability.

As a responsible property owner, you should keep yourself updated to the emerging trends in lawn care Rockton, IL regular activities and implement as much as you can these examples of best practices. Let’s see what lawn care Rockton, IL experts underline as emerging trends.

Organic Lawn Care

While this is not a new practice, it gains plenty of popularity. Organic lawn care allows easier and cheaper lawn maintenance, while it truly benefits the environment and the community you live in. This emerging trend emphasizes on saving water by installing drip irrigation systems, to water deep rather than frequently. Organic lawn care also means recycling usable organic material to make your own compost as fertilizer and using organic, cheap, available products to make pest repellents or herbicides.

Responsible Gardening

Lawn services Rockton, IL specialists never implement a lawn maintenance program without first assessing the situation: soil test, choice of specific grass and plants to match the local climate conditions, optimal use of pesticides and fertilizers and so on. Take it from lawn care Belvidere, IL experts when they say that responsible gardening means thorough assessment and consideration of all factors involved in the development of your lawn and garden, from the soil’s pH, to the native pests presence, and from the shady areas in your garden, to the weather statistics for your region.

Practical Lawn Management

Nowadays many homeowners work hard to maintain their own patch of Heaven, but with what costs? Large properties need time and hard work, personal commitment and sometimes very large budgets. Practical lawn management means to adapt your needs and wishes to the current state of facts. If you can’t afford contracting a lawn care company and you do all the dirty work yourself, you should consider cutting down the size of the lawn and make things easier. If you don’t have time to water, install irrigation systems. Being practical saves you a lot of trouble, money and effort, thus increasing sustainability.

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