Lawn Care Genoa, IL Experts on Epsom Salt: 4 Concrete Benefits It Has in the Garden

January 12, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Epsom Salt (hydrated magnesium sulfate) is a natural mineral originating from Epson, United Kingdom. Today, many people have Epsom Salt around the house, as it is a natural home remedy. In the last years, gardeners and lawn care specialists started recommending Epsom Salt as a great organic companion for the garden as well. It is considered one of the best natural fertilizers one can have around the house, as it provides the necessary magnesium to the soil and plants. Moreover, it is used to increase nutrient absorption, counter transplant shock and improve seed germination. Today, lawn care Genoa, IL experts decided to take a closer look at the Epsom Salt and reveal four concrete benefits is has in the garden.

1. Helps Roses Thrive

Roses love magnesium and they seem to have a soft spot for Epsom salt. It increases chlorophyll production, leading to darker, lush leaves. It helps roses grow new canes at the base of the plant and triggers the development of more blossoms. It should be used when you plant the roses, when you see the signs of new growth and again when the flowers are in full bloom. Mix Epsom salt in water and feed it to your roses, they will grow bountiful, beautiful and healthy.

2. Improves the Health (and Taste) of Tomatoes

Tomatoes usually lack calcium and this is why most tomato fertilizers contain calcium. However, tomatoes are also prone to magnesium deficiencies, and this is where the Epsom Salt comes up. Lawn care Rockton, OH specialists also emphasize on the role of the Epsom Salt in the development of tomatoes’ taste. Treated twice a week with an Epsom Salt solution (sprayed foliage or watered), tomatoes will grow better, stronger and become sweeter.

3. Makes Fruits and Berries Sweeter

The same principle applies to fruit trees, berries shrubs and nut trees: Epsom Salt intensifies the production of chlorophyll. The more energy a plant manages, the more sugar is produced. Similar with the enhancement of tomatoes, you can treat fruit trees, vines, shrubs and nut trees with Epsom Salt solutions and enjoy a thriving vegetable garden or orchard. Since it is an organic fertilizer, there’s no such thing as too much Epsom Salt. However, to get the mixtures right for maximum efficiency, you should consult with your local lawn care Genoa, IL specialists.

4. Aids Peppers in Their Development

If you love some hot fresh peppers at your table and you are willing to grow them in your garden, then all you have to do is feed them Epsom Salt for health, increase of fruit quantity ratio and divine taste. If you water the peppers with an Epsom Salt-water mixture, you will enjoy higher yields of larger, crunchier, healthier peppers.

Ask your lawn care Genoa, IL experts to help you make the best Epsom Salt solutions for your plants, flowers and fruits. Don’t forget to water the turf and the flowers and you won’t regret anything.

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