Landscaping Belvidere, IL Specialists’ Guide on Placing Fragrant Vegetation around the Property

July 26, 2016
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If you don’t cultivate fragrant flowers, herbs, shrubs or vines, it is time to plant some quickly, as they make important additions to any property no matter how large or small. There is nothing better than enjoying a lush and thriving landscape that welcomes you with its tantalizing natural scents. Introducing and blending perfume and aroma into your overall landscape should be one of your priorities this year. Luckily for everybody, our landscaping Belvidere, IL specialists have a few tips and tricks on how to choose fragrant flowers, plants, trees and vines and how to plant them in order to create the perfect patch of paradise.

Choosing Fragrant Plants – A Few Tips

If you want to add perfume to color and sparkling green foliage on your property, you should first consult with your local landscaping Belvidere, IL specialists. Let’s see what you need to know:

  1. Pick native and local fragrant flowers, shrubs and vines, trees or bushes that grow well in your local climate and thrive on the type of soil you own.
  2. Fragrant plants and herbs should be placed exactly where you are or where you spend most of your free time. There is no point in having a rose garden in a corner of the property you visit once a month.
  3. Consider the amount of time you spend home. If you leave in the morning for work and arrive home in time for a late night dinner, you will never enjoy your mid-day scented flowers. This is why you should consider adding flowers and vines that smell better in the evening or during the night.

That being said, let’s see what are the hottest spots on your property where you should consider introducing fragrant plants.

Best Places to Cultivate Fragrant Plants

Our landscaping Belvidere, IL experts can create a landscaping revamping project to include scented trees, shrubs, flowers or climbing plants and place them in the perfect places. Let’s see some of them:

  • By your front gate: this is the perfect place for flowery and leafy scented vines and climbing flowers (roses, jasmine, wisteria) as they will welcome everybody with their tantalizing scents.
  • By your doorways: the front and back door, the door to a kiosk, the door to a garden patio, the garage or to an inner small yard is meant to be accompanied by fragrant flowers and plants.
  • Under the windows: aerate your house every morning and let the sweet delicious scents of flowers and shrubs fill your home and heart with joy.
  • Along the garden walkways: border pathways and walkways with fragrant flowers or herbs and have all nature’s aromas accompany your steps.
  • Resting places, benches, patios, decks, porches, dinner areas and fireplace areas: remember that your scented flowers and trees should be planted where you relax, have dinner, take an outdoor nap or entertain guests.

Picking the right scented flowers and placing them to enjoy their full potential is not an easy feat, but your local landscaping Belvidere, IL team can help you revamp your property with fragrance.

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