Keeping Summer Weeds at Bay: Lawn Care DeKalb, IL Pros Share Their Tips

August 18, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

As you probably know by now, using weed killers and chemical weed control substances during summer is a danger for the soil and the plants’ roots. If you happen to cultivate vegetables and fruit trees, the issue gets even more troubling, as chemical weed killers also impact the crops. But there have to be some ways to keep weeds at bay in a more natural, organic and safe manner. We asked our lawn care DeKalb, IL pros to share some tips with you on summer weed control – after all, if during the other seasons things are pretty clear and simple, the presence of extreme heat makes weed control a lot more difficult. So let’s see what our specialists have to say!

Use Mulch as a Defense System

Mulch is probably one of the easiest and most effective means to keep weeds from growing and developing. While you won’t probably be able to eradicate them all, controlling their germination and spreading is a proper lawn maintenance activity. We have talked about mulch before, but we will take a closer look at this material.

  • Moist mulch – this is a rather indirect weed control approach, as moist mulch acts as a fertilizer above all. But, since it keeps the roots moist, cool and nourished, it also allows them to build the necessary strength to fight against weeds. The plants and trees’ roots become more and more resilient to a weed outburst.
  • Hard mulch – dry mulch acts as a more direct barrier between the plants and the sprouting weeds. Used less for fertilization purposes, dry mulch acts like a wall between the plants and the germinating weeds.
  • Synthetic mulch – ask your lawn care DeKalb, IL specialists to give you a hand with the selection of inorganic mulch. Synthetic mulch can be found as landscape fabric or plastic, stone / gravel ground cover and so on. It is one of the best weed defense systems as it doesn’t allow them to spread. In some cases, it can also stop weeds from germinating.

Don’t Disturb Dormant Weeds

Of course you don’t intend to allow weeds to sprout all over the place, but you can accidentally encourage the dormant weed seeds to awaken from their slumber. There are plenty of such weeds in the soil waiting for the proper conditions to be met, so don’t offer them the occasion.

  • Refrain from aggressive and intensive lawn maintenance activities: aeration, digging, dethatching, cultivation of new plants, tree removals and relocations and so on.
  • Have your lawn care DeKalb, IL team help you with summer maintenance activities and plantations in case you want to add new flowers to the landscape. They will know how to dig, water, aerate and plant without disturbing the weeds.

Don’t Bring the Weeds at Home

It may sound silly, but many people bring weeds by themselves when they buy potted plants. Many such pots contain dormant weed seeds. Ask your lawn care DeKalb, IL specialists to assess the potted plants before you buy them from a reputable nursery. They can also advise you further on safe summer weed control measures.

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