Helpful Tips Lawn Care Belvidere, IL Residents Can Put in Practice

May 7, 2015
Lawn Care Tips

For any given property a well maintained lawn will not only beautify it, but also increase its overall value. However a properly pedicured lawn means to put a lot of time and effort in it. By applying these lawn care Belvidere, IL tips residents will experience a much easier time in taking care of these patches of green.

1. Respect Nature

No matter how much technology we develop and apply into our household surroundings, there are some things nature does best. That is why we must think of our lawns as small ecosystems. Simply put nature provides help with us not even realizing it. A common problem to be found in any lawn is that of pests. No matter how much we try, sometimes these pesky little visitors still find a way. Nature devised a cycle, that we are also part of, specially made to help keep pests at bay.In other words there are species of birds and insects that remove pests, while bees and butterflies help pollinate planted flowers. So try adding a bird feeder 5 feet above the ground and 10 feet away from vegetation patches. Predators will be thus kept out, allowing the lawn to thrive.

Effectiveness of Watering
Effectiveness of Watering

2. Improving the Effectiveness of Watering

Another common issue is represented by having to water efficiently the lawn. Green Acres Group lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists tell us that due to the lack of rainfall in warm seasons the top layer of the soil becomes dry. A drip irrigation system is usually recommended in these scenarios because the water the ground more efficiently. By watering the roots of grass and plants we help them become sturdier more resilient in warm seasons. This is also due to the fact that they grow deeper roots, enabling them to find other water sources.

3. The Benefits of Fragrances

Herbs and fragrant plants do not only smell nice, they also keep pests at bay. According to lawn maintenance DeKalb, IL professionals these herbs and plants deter pests from attacking the lawn. This results in having a much more beautiful lawn in the long-run. It also further increases the property’s value.

4. Right Fertilizers

Before applying the proper fertilizer make sure the soil’s pH is tested. This lets us know what sort of fertilizer is best for the soil, helping to keep pests at bay and the greenery lush and healthy. Just keep in mind that is best to enlist the aid of trained professionals for they can provide accurate details.

These lawn care Belvidere, IL tips are brought to you by Green Acres Group, your local lawn care expert. Our lawn care services are available in Cheery Valley, DeKalb, Genoa, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Poplar Grove, Rockford, Rockton, Roscoe, Sycamore, IL and surrounding areas.

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