Eco-Friendly Tips on Lawn Care Rockford, IL Residents Can Apply

July 29, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

It is a popular trend nowadays to create more eco-friendly yards. Our lawn care Rockford, IL professionals fully support such initiatives and are happy to share with you a few practices on how to easily maintain an environmental friendly property. During the warm season, we all love spending more time outside, so why don’t we make more out of it? Putting into practice the following strategies not only is great exercise, but also a method to save some money otherwise targeted for lawn care services.

1. Soil Testing

Soils constantly undergo changes. To make sure you have a healthy lawn, first thing to do is a soil test. You can do it yourself by buying a test kit from your local agricultural office. However, if you find it too difficult and need assistance, you can contact your favorite lawn fertilization service specialists and ask for expert help. What they do is check the pH level of your soil. According to its value, you may be or may be not required to use nutrients. If your soil is well-balanced from this point of view, it is likely not to need fertilizers at all. Professionals in lawn maintenance Genoa, IL folk trust can say that nothing can grow beautifully if the pH is off-balanced.

2. Consider Your Yard as an Ecosystem

Creating an eco-friendly yard means looking after not only the grasses and flowers you plant, but also the insects and little animals hosted there. Think of your garden as of a small ecosystem where each species contributes to its overall health and appearance. A rich biomass is the key to a beautiful yard as it produces more oxygen and keeps pests away.

3. The Perfect Plants in the Right Places

Next tip to keep in mind is finding the right plants and flowers for the right spots. There are plants who prefer more sun than others, while some flowers grow perfectly in shady areas. Make sure you don’t create unnecessary stress on the plants and keep your flowers disease-free. This way you will be rewarded with an enhanced property curb appeal.

4. Cut Down on Water

Another trick for an eco-friendly yard, as recommended by lawn service Machesney Park, IL pros, is to water your lawn wisely. What you can do is look after grasses that require less water as different plants have different needs. Make sure you water less but deeper, early in the morning or late in the evening.

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