Dealing with Damaged Lawns: Lawn Care DeKalb, IL Pros Share their Knowledge

August 27, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Is there such a thing as a damaged or dead lawn? Unfortunately, there is, and it is not a rare occurrence. Lawn care DeKalb, IL professionals have to deal quite often with these unfortunate situations, as there are many things which can damage a lawn, or, in the worst case scenario, kill it altogether. It is important, lawn care DeKalb, IL experts say, to recognize the first signs of a damaged lawn and know about the causes which led to this. Moreover, there are a few intensive lawn care solutions to be implemented, from situation to situation. Today, lawn care DeKalb, IL pros and other lawn maintenance Roscoe, IL experts share their knowledge with you.

Recognize the Signs and Determine the Causes

The causes and the manifestation of any disease go hand in hand, and it’s not different when it comes to damaged lawns. The main signs which should concern you and make you think about a damaged or dead lawn are the following:

  • the soil is heavily cluttered;
  • the soil presents large areas of compaction;
  • the soil is abundant in clay;
  • the soil doesn’t present proper drainage;
  • the grass is dry, and plants are almost dead or infested by microorganisms.


The signs are pretty clear and they can all be related one way or the other with the soil. Besides the symptoms described above, you can encounter mold, fungal infections, and unhealthy looking spots, say lawn care Genoa, IL specialists. What causes all these problems? Usually, a lawn gets damaged by a series of factors including:

  • the soil is either too dry to sustain life, or too moist, turning into clay and clutter;
  • the soil may have been exposed to highly concentrated chemicals like pesticides or herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or accidental pollutant substances like petrol or lubricants;
  • pests and disease may have participated together to the ruining of the soil;
  • the lawn has not been properly cared for because it was left deserted between two consequent property owners;
  • many lawn care mistakes have been perpetuated unknowingly, eventually leading to permanent damages.

Act Fast

In order to fix a damaged or dead landscape, lawn care DeKalb, IL professionals have a few solutions up their sleeve. Some of them involve keeping the current lawn, others result in removing the lawn altogether. But if you identify the signs of lawn damage, you’d better call for professional help, as intensive lawn care solutions for damaged and dead lawns involve a lot of work and professional equipment, manpower and a lot of time.

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