Cheap Lawn Maintenance Genoa, IL Tips to Achieve a Healthy, Lush Landscape

August 16, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

A lush, healthy outdoor landscape is not easy feat, especially since it needs proper, consistent, frequent and sustainable maintenance, which in turn needs time and a generous budget. Lawn maintenance Genoa, IL experts advise locals to take lawn care seriously, as a poorly tended lawn and garden negatively affects the property’s curb appeal. Even worse than that, poorly managed lawns and gardens are accidents waiting to happen, as they attract pests, plant disease and infestations, threatening the health of the family living on the property.

Lawn care Genoa, IL pros also advise homeowners to worry less about some maintenance costs, as they are willing to share a few secrets. How can one have a lush, bountiful and healthy lawn and garden without spending huge budgets on lawn care products and activities? You’ll be surprised to find out!

Homemade Herbicides

Corn gluten meal is one of the best weed deterrents out there and you can make it in your kitchen. Many homeowners distrust DIY projects and products when it comes to lawn maintenance, but you can trust the word of lawn care Roscoe, IL experts: corn gluten meal keeps crabgrass and dandelions at bay, while being completely safe for the children and pets playing on the premises. Lawn fertilization DeKalb, IL experts advise to apply corn gluten mean three times a season and enjoy a weed-free landscape. You can’t get cheaper herbicides than this.

Homemade Pest Repellants

Pest control is a pesky job, but you have to do it if you don’t want your landscape to crawl with dangerous bugs and microorganisms. Pest-free landscapes sell better, so to speak, and allow endless joyful moments for family and friends to be spent in a healthy, lush environment. Homemade pest repellants are usually made with Epson salt, cooking oil, baking soda, liquid soap, ground coffee or eggshells, to name a few. Find the best recipes and save a lot of money. Besides keeping your family safe from chemicals, homemade pest repellants allow various mixes to be used for the specific pests you deal with.

Smart Mowing

Smart mowing means allowing the turf grow a bit – up to four inches, if you have the patience – before taking the lawn mower out and trim the grass. Letting the grass grow a bit taller makes it more resilient to hot temperatures and less stressed by the lack of water. In other words, it saves you time, money, and a lot of fertilizer, lawn care Genoa, IL pros say.

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