8 Tips on Perennial Plants’ Maintenance from Your Local Lawn Care Roscoe, IL Experts

July 18, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Perennials are some of the best plants you can own on your property as they can offer a never-ending exhibition of color, scent, contrast and depth. Whether you are fond of scented perennials or you just enjoy their lush green foliage, you should take care of them properly. Flowery perennials can be pushed into blossoming again after they faded away during summer, but there are other tips and tricks related to their proper maintenance you should know about. Today we asked our lawn care Roscoe, IL experts to offer you eight tips on how to make the best out of the cultivated perennials on your property.

  1. Pruning: this is an activity you should have checked already in late winter or early spring. Pruning the dead tops of your perennial trees, shrubs and flowers helps them thrive and blossom plentifully.
  2. Cutting dead flowers or flowery branches: this activity helps scented perennial flowers and shrubs develop new blossoms and flower again during the summer. You should refresh your flowery perennials by cutting the faded, dry and dead flowers and flowery branches as close to their base as possible.
  3. Water the perennials as often as you can, especially the ones you cut for the re-blossoming purpose. Keep in mind that early morning watering is the best option to keep all vegetation thriving even if you face hot temperatures or draught.
  4. Give a radical cut to your late spring and early summer perennials after the first phase of blooming. Make sure you frequently clip back those plants getting a scruffy look during summer season to propel new and fresh growth all over again.
  5. Cut tall perennials before they reach a height that might clash to later winds and become a liability to them. Lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists recommend you stake tall perennials such as summer phlox, peonies or delphinium before they reach 2 feet tall, as later winds might harm them.
  6. Cut perennials in degrees: flowery and bushy perennials should be cut in degrees to promote a newer stage of blossoming and help them persist for longer periods of time. For instance, the flowers and branches in the back and center of a flowery bush or shrub should receive a radical cut in comparison to those in the front. If you don’t have the skills to achieve this task, you can always rely on your local lawn care Roscoe, IL experts.
  7. Divide perennials: when the center of the plants begins to dry or die out of age, it is time to divide the plants. Plants dividing needs skills and knowledge, so if you are not sure you can properly achieve the task, ask your local landscaping Roscoe, IL experts to give you a hand.
  8. Maintain your vines and climbing plants: if you want them to thrive and burst into new fresh blossoms again throughout the season then cut the dried flowers and flowerless sprouts close to their base.

Have your lawn care Roscoe, IL specialists help you with these tasks and consult you on perennials’ maintenance to enjoy a lush flowery property all summer long!

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