5 Spring Lawn Care Cherry Valley, IL Principles to Consider for Best Year-Long Results

August 11, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

All homeowners wait for spring to arrive to start working on their lawns and gardens, as they can’t wait to have their properties bloom, thrive and turn into lush healthy corners of Heaven. Some may have some innovative ideas related to their landscape and many already made plans to improve and upgrade the beauty and functionality of their lawns and gardens. But lawn care Cherry Valley, IL experts recommend people to not rush down things and consider the following spring lawn care principles in order to achieve the best results.

Wait Until Spring Arrives

Don’t start lawn care activities at the earliest sign of spring, as the weather may be deceiving. You need to see that your grass starts growing strong and the outside temperatures are high before doing anything. You need the sun to reach and warm the ground and the roots. Too early lawn working may be harmful on the long term. Also, dethatching should wait until spring is at its highest peak, as you need dry soil to use the dethatching tools, as the equipment can damage it, together with the grass blades.

Test the Soil

It’s been a long winter, so you’d better test your soil first before starting the actual works. It may have different pH levels than you remember and it may lack specific nutrients to allow grass and plants grow strong. First, tend to the soil, fertilize it, de-clutter it, make sure it drains correctly and that anything you do next turns into great results.

Deal with Weeds

Weed control Cherry Valley, IL experts recommend you to be careful when you start removing the weeds. If the situation is under control, you can also think about over-seeding, but if weeds are a problem, you may want to start with this first, as over-seeding can wait until summer, lawn care Rockford, IL consider.

Invest in Good Equipment

Once spring arrives, you need to have all your tools and equipment in perfect shape, to avoid stressing the grass and save you time and effort. Clean your old gardening tools. Sharp the lawn mower blades and invest in new pieces of equipment. We live in a modern, tech-savvy world, so why wouldn’t you invest in tools to help you do the lawn care works faster and easier?

Call In For Help

You may find your lawn damaged after a long hard winter, or you may not know what to start with first. You can always get a free estimate from your lawn care Cherry Valley, IL specialists and let them intervene where you need some help.

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