5 Main Rules to Follow When Watering: Lawn Care Belvidere, IL Experts Share Their Tips

May 12, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Spring has arrived, and summer will soon follow, so you are probably busy working on your lawn and garden and preparing it to grow green, lush and plentiful. One of the major issues in lawn care is watering – as water is a precious resource and it needs to be carefully traded. Moreover, overwatering a lawn may lead to lawn damages and vulnerabilities in the face of disease and pests. Today, our lawn care Belvidere IL experts share a few major rules, tips, and tricks on lawn watering that will not only save you water, but also money. After all, who doesn’t want to have smaller bills?

1. Understand the Watering Needs of Your Lawn

Before anything else, ask your local lawn care Belvidere, OH team to perform a soil test and check its pH and its health status after the winter months. Not all soil types and not all grass species need the same amount of water to thrive. Learn about the evapotranspiration rate of your lawn and get very specific when you water cool season grasses versus warm season ones.

2. Mow Only When the Grasses Reached their Recommended Mowing Heights

If you cut the lawn too often or too low, they will need even more water to develop strong roots and blades. If you grow different types of grasses, ask your lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists to give you a comprehensive guide on turf species and their mowing heights. Improper mowing may get your lawn dry fast or be exposed to pests and disease.

3. Change the Mowing Direction

Mowing the lawn in the same direction and pattern at all times leads to turf stress and damage. Our landscaping Genoa, IL experts recommend you begin mowing from a different direction every time, so you don’t stress the lawn from repeated wheel tracks and footsteps. Thus you will avoid divots formation and lawn damages.

4. Respect the Watering Schedules

Established lawns should be watered in the morning 2-3 times per week to allow roots to grow and ensure the lawn’s health. It is not recommended to water the lawn in mid-day because the heat will dry it up fast. You shouldn’t water the lawn in the evening either, as you will make it vulnerable to fungi infestations and pests attacks. Check with your local lawn care Belvidere, IL experts to learn about the best times to water the lawn depending on the turf species you grow and the climacteric conditions of your area.

5. Optimize Your Irrigation System

If you have a landscape irrigation system installed on your property, check it for leaks or broken hardware. A leaking sprinklers’ system may overwater some lawn areas and make your water bills skyrocket. Also, think about installing sensors and watering clocks to turn on and off the irrigation depending on the weather conditions and the soil’s moisture levels.

Ask your regular lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists to help you prepare for the warm season by implementing a correct watering and landscape management schedule you can follow so you have the healthiest lawn without wasting water and money in the process.

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