5 Landscaping DeKalb, OH Core Elements to Consider for New Properties

November 27, 2015
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Not so long ago, we have talked about sustainable landscape design projects, useful to those building their own home. While landscaping plans should be left to the experts, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to know a thing or two about landscaping core elements and principles. If you just moved to a new house and want to completely make-over the existing landscape, or fix it in case it is unattractive, there are some design elements you should be aware of. Today, a handful of landscaping DeKalb experts gathered together to share with you the main five landscaping core elements you need to have an idea about.

1. Size and Scale

A landscaping DeKalb, OH project, just like any other such plan, should focus on the house’s scale and size as the main element to consider when building the landscape. In order to obtain a coherent design, the house is the starting point. Usually, it has to blend in the landscape and not get covered by tall trees. Its front should be left visible and enhanced by a sparkling green turf and well-places flowers and shrubs.

2. Lines

By lines we mean straight or curved lines and obtaining an illusion of depth. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may use straight lines (driveways, walkways or flower rows) to obtain a formal, neat effect. Curved lines offer a more bohemian, romantic look to the overall aspect. The illusion of depth can be obtained by building in stairs and alternating heights.

3. Shapes

Shapes need to be in perfect accordance with the lines you used in your landscape project. This means that hardscape elements should respect the general lines as well. Annex buildings also should be coherent with the lines you chose. Formal designs require specific shapes, while minimalist ones may need other types of added constructions, topiaries and design elements.

4. Color and Texture

Landscaping Sycamore, OH experts emphasize on the use of colors and textures as a core landscape design element. Of course, this is the best part of projecting a lawn and garden, as you get to pick the flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses to plant. Some landscaping DeKalb, OH experts recommend the use of multi-colored plants for achieving beautiful contrasts. Texture is hard to obtain, but it can be done by using different textured plant foliage. Mixing plants, flowers, trees, evergreens, even vegetables or spice herbs can add a hint of color and texture to a garden.

5. Functionality

We’ve talked about functional landscapes before, so this is that element you need to consider when you decide the purpose and long-term goal of your landscape. If it is mainly designed for aesthetics and comfort, your landscaping DeKalb, OH experts can help you make the right choices. If you want to add functionality to the overall great look, the design project may take other elements into consideration, such as vertical gardens or future added buildings, such as decks, patios or playgrounds for the kids.

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