4 Plants to Grow for Fragrance: Lawn Care Genoa, IL Experts’ Advice

June 4, 2016
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Who doesn’t love a lush and colorful flower garden, house front or back yard? The multitudes of nuances, the vibrant undertones, the bold contrasts of nature are a delight to the eye and the heart. But so it happens that many gardeners of today forget about fragrant flowers, herbs and shrubs, as they are more focused on color schemes, designs, creating flower beds, pots, borders and yards instead of fragrance. But a flower garden should also be a symphony of scents, not only colors, so this is why today our lawn care Geno, IL experts decided to share some of their knowledge.

1. Heirloom Roses

Old garden roses or antique roses are a very prized possession in the world of landscaping and professional gardening. Being perennial they blossom once per year and are often bypassed nowadays, as people are more in favor of the hybrid species that blossom all season long. But if you truly want to stand out of the crowd and enjoy not only the mesmerizing scent of heirloom roses, but also their majestic look, talk to your landscaping Genoa, IL experts and have them help you pick the best types of antique roses for your garden. They usually bloom in late spring and early summer, so you’d better get ready for the year to come!

2. Scented Hostas

Hostas make fabulous elements of a display garden and are regular VIPs at flower shows, but they are often a disregarded plant when it comes to fragrance. There are scented varieties, however, which will turn your property into a true patch of Heaven if you pick them wisely. The Honeybells and the Sweet Susan scented types are the most appreciated hosta fragrant varieties, so have your lawn care Genoa, IL team make some room for them on your property. These perennials bloom especially in late spring throughout summer so you will enjoy a full season of intoxicating scents.

3. Lavender

This great perennial herb is not only one of the most fragrant flowers of them all, but it is also an incredible pest repellent and edible plant. It is a hardy plant, highly ornamental and perfectly scented which makes to display gardens more and more. While planted, lavender makes a great resilient herb which repels pests. In its cut-and-dry form people use it as an indoor moth repellent. Have you ever tried lavender-scented cupcakes? This fine plant also found its way into the kitchen. Lavender blooms throughout summer, so pick some varieties depending on the foliage and scent you favor more.

4. Lilac

There are few people who can resist the scent of the lilac and some voices say women love lilac flowers more than they love men. While lilac can take the shape of a tree – making it a bit difficult to grow and maintain in small gardens – people should know that smaller dwarf lilac hybrids are all the rage right now. Some varieties also display a wide palette of colors and nuances and they make exquisite assets for any garden. Lilac blooms in early summer so find a way to include this scented shrub in your heavenly garden or yard.

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