4 Lawn Care Belvidere, IL Trends to Pay Attention to This Year

January 2, 2017
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Now that we all started a new year, it is time to work on those resolutions we made not so long ago. If revamping and remodeling of your property lawn and landscape happens to be on your New Year’s resolutions list, then you are in luck! As you contemplate your winter landscape, you can start browsing through magazines and catalogues to see what is new in lawn care and landscaping and what bright and brilliant ideas you can adapt to your own personal patch of Paradise. Our lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists are here to give you a helping hand. They have identified five major trending approaches to lawn care and landscaping that will dominate 2017 and help you achieve a more sustainable, healthy and thriving outdoor space.

1. Endemic Vegetation

We have talked before about native grasses and plants to make the majority of your lawn and landscape as they need little watering, fertilization, weed and pest control, chemical treatments, and so on. This year’s trends go a step further by promoting hyperlocalism or the use of endemic plants narrowed down and specific to each single region. Such grasses and plants withstand climacteric challenges and need little to no care at all, building on eco-friendly and sustainable lawn care practices. Our lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists also say that the use of endemic plants save you a lot of lawn maintenance time and effort and insignificant use of water, fertilizers, chemicals and equipment, thus saving you money while allowing nature to thrive.

2. Natural Building Materials

This year the hype is placed on the return to a more natural and authentic vision on outdoor structures, furniture and hardscapes. Modern and minimalistic landscape designs are left behind by nature-oriented, raw, DIY-style, retro materials. Wood, stone, sun-dried tiles, brick, and cobblestone, among others, will see a rise in popularity in comparison to metal, marble, concrete, and glass for instance.

3. Lawn-Size Reduction

This trend is a mix of two other ones growing in popularity in the last years. As our lawn care Belvidere, IL specialists noticed before, people tend to cut down the size of large lawns to minimize budgets, time, effort and the negative impact intensive lawn care has on the environment. On the other hand, people want more and more relaxation, activity and entertainment places on their properties for kids, adults and pets alike. Such trend thus translates into the introduction of sports fields on the property, fire pit areas, sand fields for kids’ play, pet areas, party areas and so on. Such activity fields cut down the turf (because nobody wants to weed, water or mow the cocktail area of their garden), creating more functional places and lowering the environmental impact.

4. Sustainable Irrigation

Imagine you can control your irrigation systems through a smartphone app while you are vacationing or you can call your lawn care Belvidere, IL experts to identify and fix a leak you were alerted of through the same app. Sustainable and smart irrigation systems have more than some rain sensors. Tech-centric irrigation is on the rise, allowing you to properly water the lawn and garden without wasting water or money.

Besides these major trends, our lawn care Belvidere, IL pros identified a tendency to grow more edible gardens and to introduce water-centric landscape elements. If you want to learn more about what is new and more sustainable this year, ask them and find ways to implement such trends on your property as well!

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