2 Native Ornamental Grasses for Naturescaping: Lawn Care Genoa IL Specialists’ Advice

February 6, 2017
Green Acres Lawn Care & Landscape

Speaking about trends and perspectives on lawn care and landscaping this year, our readers asked us more about naturescaping as both a landscaping trend and an environmentally friendly approach to lawn care. Our lawn care Genoa IL specialists decided today to offer you a quick guide on native ornamental grasses to use this year to revamp the looks of your property and cut down some costs. In case you need more details, naturescaping is a lawn care approach focused on the planting of native, local species of grasses and plants.

This approach represents a building block of sustainability: native species are more resilient to local climacteric conditions, better resists attacks from weeds and pests, need little to moderate care, watering, fertilization or protection. By focusing on the use of native ornamental grasses you decrease your impact on the environment and clearly cut off some lawn maintenance bills. So let’s see three interesting and beautiful native ornamental grasses for your yard!

Prairie Dropseed

This native grass does not only look beautiful, but it will also offer you a tantalizing scent in mid and late summer. It is a clump-forming type of grass which is also extremely resilient to heat and draught. It needs however some water to thrive at its maximum potential. Our lawn care Genoa, IL experts recommend this grass as walkways borders so you can enjoy its scent. It tolerates many climacteric conditions and can stand almost all types of soils while it does prefer drier, sunnier locations to thrive. It is a thin, graceful, fine-textured and compact grass that will look amazing with its pale-pink summer flowers and its late summer golden hues. Its seeds heads offer it a cloudy, eerie look as they look like clouds shading the foliage. If you want to plants such grass on your property, ask your lawn care Genoa, IL specialists to give you a hand with the optimal variety choice and care recommendations.

Perennial Fountain Grass

Another specialists’ favorite, this perennial grass is a true delight in both looks and sustainability. It grows rather tall and compact, being a wonderful accent or specimen ornamental plant. Mass plantings deliver your yard and property a natural, wild and raw look in full compliance with this year’s trends in landscaping. As lawn care is concerned, the grass tolerates and thrives well in any fertile, moist, wet or well-drained soil, preferring sun to shade. It starts flowering in July and persists well throughout fall and winter. Its flowers range in color from whitish purple to coppery purple, while the fall foliage will truly put on a visual show with its golden hues. It makes an excellent addition as border, in compact designs together with other perennials and as a standalone mass planting to cover larger areas instead of more traditional turfs. Given its low maintenance necessities, our lawn care Genoa, IL specialists recommend this grass wholeheartedly. Pick among ‘Cassian,’ ‘Hamelin,’ ‘Little Bunny’, ‘Little Honey’, and ‘Moudry’ cultivars and enjoy a lush, green and sumptuous yard and property all year long.

Our lawn care Genoa IL specialists will further offer you recommendations on native ornamental grasses to grow on your property this year. Naturescaping is a healthy, environmentally-aware and budget-friendly approach to property makeovers.

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