Horticultural Program

1. Early Spring – Dormant Oil

An Application of horticultural oil to control scale and the overwintering stage of many insects. The suffocation action of the oil provides an early start of effective insect control.


2. Early Late Spring – Root Zone Fertilization

A balance blend of fertilizers are injected into the root zone giving your plants a needed wake up from winter with a nutrient boost to enhance top growth and overall health of the plant. This will provide the plant with enough nutrients to last throughout the entire growing period.


3. Late Spring – insect and Disease Treatment

Spray application is made to plant foliage for control of insects such as japanese beetles, pine sawfly, tent caterpillars, cankerworms, aphids, scale, leaf minors, leaf beetles and webworms. Disease controlled include anthracnose, rust, apple – scab, leaf spot, powdery mildew, etc.


4. Summer – Insect and Disease Treatment

A second application of insect and disease control is applied to control those difficult diseases and to continue to control insects. It also protects plant foliage from any new insects and diseases, which may become active with changes in weather.


5. Late Summer/Early Fall

Spray applications of insects and disease control to combat persistent diseases and late season insects such as fall webworms, bagworms, and mites.


6. A balanced blend of fertilizers are injected into the root zone to engourage root growth, winter food storage, and healthier growth in the spring.